The Burger Room

It took about a year and several name changes (due to legal reasons), But from now on... you can have the best burgers at the most magical place in Amsterdam. The Burger Room is a Gatsby and Wizard of OZ themed upscale restaurant that not only serves you burgers but milkshakes and cocktails too!

Here are some photos of the opening and The Burger Room's interior.

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Custom surfboard design finally finished!

Last year one of our clients from the island Fuerteventura (Spain) asked us to design his surfboard in full Viking-style. 

We created two Viking dragons which represent his two sons and added their names in a custom Viking-style font. Some Viking ornaments to finish it up and voilà! One awesome custom design and hand-made surfboard!


The result... one happy client... and one awesome surfboard

The result... one happy client... and one awesome surfboard

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The design...

The design...

First copy of ‘Ontsnapt uit de kaken van de dood, De Krakatau Tragedie’ officially handed to Inspector General of the Armed Forces AG van Ede

Last Friday on April 18, 2014 author Rick Blekkink gave the first copy of his historical novel Ontsnapt uit de kaken van de dood, De Krakatau Tragedie’ (Escaped from the jaws of death , The Krakatau Tragedy) to the Inspector General of the Dutch Armed Forces, also Inspector of Veterans, lieutenant-general of the marines AG (Ton) van Ede at the 'Zwaluwenberg' estate in Hilversum, the Netherlands. 

The writer (also a veteran), dedicated his book to the numerous victims who lost their lives during the eruption of the volcanic island of Krakatoa in 1883 . For that reason, he is committed to 5 different foundations whose work is in Indonesia. They each receive a percentage of the net profit.  

We as BELTGENS deisgned the the layout and typography for the design of the book cover. The stunning photo was taken by photographer Roni Bintang.

Interested in purchasing this book? Click on THIS link. (It wil take you to where you can buy it)

Escaped from the jaws of death, The Krakatau Tragedy

Author Rick Blekkink asked us to design the cover of his new novel 'Ontsnapt uit de kaken van de dood, De Krakatau Tragedie' (Escaped from the jaws of death, The Krakatau Tragedy) 

We asked international photographer Roni Bintang to take some photos around the area of the just erupted volcano in Indonesia. Roni took stunning photos of which we picked one that was perfect for Rick's book. The photo is NOT photoshoped! The vulcanic ashes covered the whole area, but the flowers kept on growing. Mega designed the title and overall design.

We will post links on where to buy it asap as 50% goes to charity.

Original photo by Roni Bintang

BLUSHING on 'RTL Late Night'

On March 6, our client Gordon (a Dutch celebrity) was a guest on the Dutch late night TV show 'RTL Late Night' with Humberto Tan. Gordon gave Humberto and the viewers a preview of his latest business project 'BLUSHING', a Starbucks like coffee cafe. So we are happy to announce that after working in secrecy on this project that we are doing all branding and design work for 'BLUSHING'.